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State Child Support Resources

Learn about the State Agency Programs for child support available in your state.


Child Support Enforcement resources available from the Federal Government

Regional Offices, TANF information & Federal Child Support Handbook


Frequently Asked Questions about Support Enforcement

Child Support Calculators, Questions and Answers about Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Programs, OCSE info


Glossary of Child Support Terms

Learn the definitions of critical terms related to collecting child support. Find valuable resources for the enforcement of child support orders. /Child-Support/glossary.asp


Crib Designs and Safety Concerns

Yes, there are unfortunate instances where infants had died due to neglect associated with the manufacturing of cribs.


Child Support Service Resources on the Web

Links to resources about the Bureaus of Child Support Enforcement, Offices of Recovery Services, Departments of Human Services, Departments of Social Services, & Departments of Family Services.


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The Federal Government has provided a Child Support Enforcement Program in conjunction with state and local governments.

As a Federal/state/local partnership designed to help you collect child support, the CSEP makes every effort to inform parents that they cannot simply walk away from their children.


The main goal of the CSEP to in make sure that children have the financial support that they require and that BOTH parents participate in supporting their children. By fostering responsible behavior by the parents towards their children, the CSEP emphasizes that children need to have both parents involved in their lives. This is good parenting, is good for the child, and is also good for society by reducing the number of children on welfare.


Congress established the Federal CSE Program in 1975 as part of the Social Security Act. CSEP functions in all 50 states and territories. There are various government entities involved in delivering these services. For some states, these are given through the state or county Social Services Department. In other states, the Attorney General's Office or Department of Revenue delivers CSEP services.


In order to bring about compliance of parents, the CSEP program works in conjuction with prosecuting attorneys and with other law enforcement agencies, as well as participation from the domestic relations (family) courts.

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