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Child Car Seats Kill

Complicated and Poorly Manufactured Car Seats and Child Booster Seats Kill Hundreds of Innocent Babies and Children Every Year

As a parent, youre well meaning and responsible about your baby or childs safety. What you dont know is that even the best car seat brands have defects and its not until there is a car seat recall that the real facts about the car seat product are made public. By then, unfortunately its too late for some children and babies.

Has your child suffered a car seat injury or death from a car seat default? Do you need to talk a law firm experienced with unsafe product litigation? Please contact Monheit Law for your free legal car seat consultation today.

Car seat technology is also complex. Why does it have to be so confusing? Studies show that 82 percent of parents who use car seats for babies and children do not have these car seats installed properly.

Good intentions regarding car seat use and installation is not enough to prevent car seat injuries. The car seat manufacturer is at fault for making a defective car seat and an unsafe car seat. When a child's car seat does not work properly, its ineffectiveness may cause additional injuries for the child or fail to protect the child from serious harm. The manufacturers who make the defective car seat systems should be held liable for the car seat injuries that could have been prevented if there were no car seat defects or recalls.

Contact Monheit Law today for a free legal car seat injury consultation. Let us help you get results for unsafe car seats.


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