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State law often plays a key role in litigation. In the case of pharmaceutical litigation like Bextra, state laws will certainly play a role. Therefore, when working with an attorney, it is important that they either are familiar with your state's laws, or that they are working with local counsel who is familiar with these laws. Even in situations like Bextra, where there is a mass-tort, and a consolidated proceeding in Federal court, it is necessary for the attorney to be familiar not only with your state's laws, but also with other states, so that a determination can be made which venue is not only proper, but also most consistent with protecting your interests. In certain cases, you have a choice where to sue a defendant. For example, you could sue them where the product was made, where it was sold, where you took the product, where they are headquartered, etc.

You should contact a local attorney about your Bextra case. You may find one by searching on the internet using your state name together with the word "Bextra" and the word "lawyer."

Below are some links to attorneys I know and trust. In each of the 50 states, (AL, Alabama, AR, Arkansas, AZ, Arizona, CA, California, CO, Colorado, CT, Connecticut, DE, Delaware, FL, Florida, GA, Georgia, HI, Hawaii, IA, Iowa, ID, Idaho, IL, Illinois, IN, Indiana, KS, Kansas, KY, Kentucky, LA, Louisiana, MA, Massachusetts, MD, Maryland, ME, Maine, MI, Michigan, MN, Minnesota, MO, Missouri, MS, Mississippi, MT, Montana, , NC, North Carolina, ND, North Dakota, NE, Nebraska, NH, New Hampshire, New Jersey, NM, New Mexico, NV, Nevada, NY, New York, OH, Ohio, OK, Oklahoma, OR, Oregon, PA, Pennsylvania, RI, Rhode Island, SC, South Carolina, SD, South Dakota, TN, Tennessee, TX, Texas, UT, Utah, VA, Virginia, VT, Vermont, WA, Washington, WI, Wisconsin, WV, West Virginia, WY, Wyoming and DC Dist. of Columbia) there are different laws to protect people who have been harmed by the wrong of another.

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