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What can you do? - Filing a Baycol Law Suit

What are the grounds for a Baycol law suit?
If you have developed either Rhabdomyolysis or kidney failure since beginning to use Baycol it is likely that the conditions were related to the drug and that you may want to file a Baycol law suit. As with all cases of negligence and product liability, you can consult an attorney regarding filing a Baycol suit, in order to obtain compensation.

What firms handle Baycol law suits?
There are various lawyers, such as our firm, devoted to such cases and most offer services on a no-win no-fee basis. The likelihood of a successful Baycol lawsuit varies based on the facts of each case. However, the sheer number of different legal firms offering their services specifically to victims wanting to file Baycol lawsuits, is an indication of the significance of this subject, and the belief that there is a basis for recovery. The circumstances of each person’s use of the drug will differ and may determine the outcome of any Baycol lawsuit brought by them. There are also local issues, involving specific State laws, which may alter the treatment of each Baycol suit.

Who are the Baycol law suits filed against?
Grounds for legal proceedings lie almost solely with the Bayer Pharmaceutical Division and this is most likely where the Baycol law suit would be directed.



Do I have a case?
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