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What is Baycol?
(...Baycol Questions and Answers)

What is Baycol? ...and what is it used for?

The FDA approved Baycol in 1997 as a drug that would form part of the family of statins
. These drugs were used to lower cholesterol levels in the body, thus preventing heart disease. It does this by blocking an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.

What Is the problem with Baycol?
...and why did the FDA approve Baycol?

The problem with Baycol begins with the time in which it was approved.  It was approved at a time when the FDA was being pressured to pay more attention to the pharmaceuticals industry. It was a very valuable market sector but was not having as many new products accepted as some felt it deserved. Therefore, concerns over the safety of the drug were pushed into the background and German firm Bayer released the drug.

When did problems with Baycol first appear?
...and when was Baycol withdrawn from the market?

The problems with Baycol appeared almost immediately and within four years, Baycol was withdrawn from sale on August 8, 2001, following its alleged part in the death of 52 patients. It claimed that it caused the possibly fatal disease Rhabdomyolysis. Bayer recognized the concerns and withdrew the drug voluntarily.



Do I have a case as a result
of my problems with Baycol?


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