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In the aftermath of the recent Delta Crib recall, many have wondered whether or not their cribs may be safe even though they may not be Delta Cribs. While most cribs are safe, there have been many instances in the past where cribs needed to be removed from the marketplace. Crib recalls have occurred that effected manufacturers such as Bassettbaby Bellissimo Collection, Simplicity & Graco Crib. None of these recalls were initiated flippantly. They all centered on serious concerns. As such, each recall will be examined in a brief overview so as to identify these very serious concerns.

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Bassettbaby – Considered a somewhat "minor" recall, 8 units of Bassettbaby drop side cribs were removed from the marketplace due to potential entrapment and strangulation hazards. Specifically, the crib's spindles on the drop side were loose creating gaps which could cause potential hazards. No injuries were actually reported making this recall more "preventive medicine" than a response to injuries.

Bellissimo Collection – Cribs produced under the Bellissimo collection are often considered the best on the market. This is due to their unique and well crafted design. In November of 2007, however, close to 9,000 of these cribs were recalled from the public square. Per the CPSC, the bolts utilized to connect the top corners of the cribs had a propensity to come loose. As a result, a gap can be created that might pose the potential danger for entrapment and strangulation.

Simplicity – The recall surrounding Simplicity was one of the most serious recalls in recent memory. There were over one million of these cribs recalled after the death of two infants. Additionally, the CPSC reports 7 known instances of serious injuries and 55 other instances that can be referred to as "close calls". The recall occurred in June of 2007 and centered on the "Nursery in a Box" crib. This was a drop side crib that possessed the serious manufacturer defect of the entire drop side detaching. It would seem the design of the crib was serious flawed leading to these serious problems. In the aftermath of the injuries and deaths, a voluntary recall was issued.

Graco Crib – These cribs tie directly in with the aforementioned Simplicity crib recall. This is because Graco was the brand name in which Simplicity cribs were sold. In one of the strangest situations surrounding crib product liabilities, Graco Cribs drew much of their problems from the fact the instructions for the cribs contained errors. So, consumers assembled the cribs incorrectly leading to a great many of the hazards.

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While there have been many instances of crib recalls over the past few years, it is these four recalls as well as Delta Cribs that are the most well known. Because of this, it is critical that consumers remain vigilant and avoid purchasing any cribs that match the profile of the recall. These cribs possess serious hazards and their use should be avoided. Those who have experienced injuries as a result of malfunctions with these cribs should consult with a qualified attorney.

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