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With much in the news recently surrounding crib recalls and infant injuries, many are opting to perform consumer research prior to making any purchasing decisions. Obviously, the first stop in this regard is the internet as there are numerous online resources that provide detailed information on crib safety and hazards. It goes without saying that some resources are better than others. That is why it is important to point on some of the more valuable online resources that offer invaluable information on crib safety.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – The CPSC is the main government agency to visit for information of crib safety. It is the CPSC that acts as the valuable watchdog looking out for flaws and problems in cribs and other products. It is also the CPSC that wields enormous influence as far as initiating recalls. So, it is the CPSC's website that should always be the first stop when seeking information on crib safety.

Oregon Safe Kids – Of course, there are many excellent state government resources that provide valuable information on crib safety. However, Oregon's Safe Kids informational resource deserves special recognition. Its website provides detailed information and illustrations on the subject. This allows it to be an excellent recourse for those looking for clear information on the subject.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) - This hospital truly deserves a great deal of credit for providing an online informational resource in response to the many crib related injuries its staff has dealt with. While most hospitals deal mainly with care and treatment, this hospital takes the extra step to provide a valuable help to its community. Such actions are commendable. Additionally, the information provided on the hospital's web page is far from cursory. That is, it is a detailed resource that can guide a novice into understanding the severity of crib related problems.

Babies Online - Babies Online remains a popular destination for those looking for information of taking care of a baby. One such area that the website deals with is the issue of crib safety. In fact, this web site provides a very detailed question and answer page that covers many aspects of this topic. And, yes, there are many questions people have on the subject.

Safe Kids USASafe Kids USA is another online coalition that seeks "preventing accidental injury" as its goal. This is not a state or federal government sponsored website. It is privately funded for the altruistic purpose of reducing child injuries and fatalities. There are many different areas that this particular organization focuses on with crib safety being only one of them. However, the information that this resource provides on the subject is so detailed that it deserves a special mention.

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There are other valuable resources on the internet that deal with this particular subject. However, the five web resources that are present herein cover the subject matter in great depth. Also, they are written in such a way that someone who knows very little about crib safety can learn a great deal in a short period of time.

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