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The Model Recalls for Delta Cribs

Defective Crib Accidents

Product recalls are a serious matter. When a company or the government issues a safety recall, it means that the product presents extreme risk for the consumer. Now, while it is a good thing that a recall has been issued, it is not impossible for a few rogue items to remain in the market place. Then, there is also the potential for a number of the products to have already been purchased. That means dangerous products are at use in someone's home.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a dangerous system. When the product is a crib, the dangers increase tenfold. That is because an infant or a toddler cannot protect himself when an accident occurs. That is why defective cribs that present suffocation, entanglement, or other adverse risks must not be used.

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Recently, Delta cribs issues a recall of well over one million cribs. This was in the aftermath of death of two infants. So, this is definitely a serious recall and the potentially defective cribs must be identifies as soon as possible. The way a crib can be clearly identified is through examining the model numbers.

Here is a list of the models that have been recalled:

4320 4340 4500 4520 4530 4532 4540 4542
4550 4551 4580 4600 4620 4624  (production dates 01/06 thru 11/07)
4640 4660 4720 4735 4742 4750  (production dates 01/95 thru 12/00)
4760 4770 4780 4790 4820 4840 4850 4860
4880 4890 4892 4900 4910 4920 4925-2 4925-6
4930 4940 4943 4944 4947 4948 4949 4950
4958 4963 4968 4969 4980

It is possible that more could be added at a later date.

If you have purchased a crib, it is critical to locate the spot on the crib that displays the model number. Once this is done, the numbers o the crib should be matched with the list of recalled model numbers. If a positive match occurs, then use of the crib should be discontinued immediately.

If an accident has already occurred and the crib bears one of these model numbers, then the potential for a liability suit is present. Simply because a company recalls a model does no absolve it from risk. The poor product should never have been released in the marketplace in the first place. As such, the manufacturer may be held liable.

Also, the seller or distributor of the faulty cribs might possibly be liable as well. After all, it is the seller's obligation to be aware of recalls. Not properly complying could be considered contributory negligence. Now, if the seller knew he was selling recalled models and deliberately placed them in the market, then this would be an extremely negligible act. Therefore, a strong case for liability could be developed beyond contributory negligence might be possible.

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Of course, any aspects of such a case would need to be discussed with a qualified attorney who understands such cases. Litigation is more complex than many assume so an attorney with a background in crib recall litigation is necessary for proceeding with such a case.

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