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The Delta Enterprises Crib Recall

Defective Crib Accidents

The Delta Enterprises crib recall caught many parents by surprise. Actually, surprise is not the best word to use.

For many parents, the Delta Enterprises crib recall also brought about a feeling of a sense of betrayal. This is no minor point. Parents place much trust in crib companies since they rely on the companies to keep their children safe from harm.

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A crib is more than just a location for a baby to sleep and its placement in a room is designed for more than mere ornamentation. The primary purpose of a crib is to provide a safe resting spot for a baby. After all, a baby's ability to protect itself is limited. A baby will rely exclusively on parental oversight in order to remain safe. Of course, this oversight can not be provided 24 hours a day. Parents must get their rest as well. As such, over time various means of providing a safe environment for a baby at rest were developed. The crib is probably the most well known since it provides a baby with a clear resting environment.

The details of the Delta Enterprises' crib recall are, sadly, more severe than most would imagine. Specifically, one million of these cribs were recalled after two children died. Worst of all, these deaths were completely preventable. The main reason behind the disaster centered on the wooden pegs used in the construction of the cribs. When these pegs are not properly devised they come with a multitude of risks. Not the least of which is the fact that the crib many collapse if a peg becomes dislodged. (Again, it is the pegs which hold the crib together in spots) When the crib collapses, there is the potential that the child may suffocate. This is the reason for the recalls.

But how could Delta be so irresponsible as to start producing defective cribs after so many years in the business? One reason is that the company began to outsource its crib production services to Indonesia and Taiwan. This allows the company to save significant costs on labor and parts. However, the lack of oversight and production standards outside the United States makes it very difficult to ascertain whether or not the cribs are being properly constructed. In this case, the cribs were produced with a multitude of defects. These defects led to the tragic consequences that took the lives of two infants.

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The recall was initiated and it led to well over a million cribs removed from store shelves. Of course, that does not include any of the cribs already purchased. If you have such a crib in you home, it would be best to replace the crib with another model. This would be the best way to ensure the safety of a child who needs to sleep in a crib. Remember, cribs are designed for safety and should never come with an unreasonable risk. A child's life needs to be protected. That is the primary purpose a crib should never deviate from.

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