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Crib Manufacturing Defects from Overseas

Defective Crib Accidents

Many have looked over the recent developments in the aftermath of crib recalls wondering what the common thread among them may be. It would seem that there are two common denominators to the situation.

The first is that many cribs suffer from manufacturing defects. The second is that many of these cribs were produced overseas in Taiwan, Indonesia, and China. This has led many to wonder why companies entrust their manufacturing to overseas markets.

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There are a number of reasons why a company would prefer to have its products manufactured overseas. The most obvious would center on costs of production. It simply is significantly cheaper to produce goods in foreign markets than it is to produce them domestically. Labor costs are much lower and taxes on the businesses are almost non-existent. This allows the company that is outsourcing the work to maintain a greater profit margin.

However, it is not only the company that earns from such overseas manufacturing. The consumer public does not have to pay high prices that factor in the high costs of domestic production. Then, the country that is providing the domestic workforce also gains significantly from the arrangement. The influx of foreign investment leads to a decrease in their unemployment levels since the citizens of these countries are provided jobs from wealthier nations. This is simply the main crux of globalism and free trade. (That is not a knock on either; it is simply a clear definition) However, there are a number of potential hazards that can arise from this arrangement.

But, what is the root of these problems? Why is it that these foreign manufacturing markets lack the ability to produce quality products? There are a number of reasons why this is so and the most common reason is the lack of regulatory oversight and safety standards.

In the United States, manufacturers must abide by a series of laws, rules, and regulations which provide for consumer and employee safety. This does come with a number of costs so companies go overseas for their manufacturing needs. As one would surmise, the domestic laws of the United States are not applicable to domestic policy of Indonesia, China, Taiwan, or anywhere else. As such, manufacturers are not bound by the same regulations and standards. Again, this keeps costs low but it comes with a number of dangers. Mainly, when safety and quality standards are not mandated, the potential for dangerous good to enter the marketplace is possible. This was exactly the case with the numerous defective cribs that have proliferated on the consumer marketplace.

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Some may state the solution to this problem is to "buy American". This may prove to be an elusive solution since most cribs are produced overseas. So, what can one do to avoid any potential problems with foreign made cribs? It becomes critical to remain vigilant. That is, one needs to look for information regarding recalls prior to making a crib purchase. This little bit of preventive medicine can go a long way to make sure serious problems do not occur in the future.

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