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Crib Safety Tips for Parents

Defective Crib Accidents

A crib is more than a resting place. It is supposed to make sure a child is kept safe. This should always be the most critical concern of the parents. In order to make sure that a crib purchase maintains such safety, here are a few tips on the proper way to purchase and maintain a crib.

Avoid purchasing used cribs. There is an old saying about purchasing used items. The process is little more than the inheritance of someone else's problems. That is, any defects a secondhand crib presents will be inherited by the new owner. Therefore, it is best to avoid purchasing any cribs that are previously owned. Yes, there are a great many deals out there on Ebay and other online sources. However, when the health and safety of your child is at issue, it would most definitely be better to stick with new, off the shelf items.

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Look for any obvious defects on the crib. Problems that make a crib dangerous are not always hidden to an untrained eye. Unsafe cribs will sometimes display a number of obvious problems. For example, a crib that is prone to collapsing might display missing pegs. (Missing pegs are woefully common among cribs produced overseas) Therefore, it is important to look over a crib to see if there are any missing parts, cracks, defective items, etc. This will work wonders for making sure the child's sleep time remains as safe as possible.

Avoid placing stuffed toys in the crib. While it might seem helpful to place a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal into a crib there are many potential hazards here. These are not minor hazards. There is a great chance of suffocation when someone places these items into the crib.

Select the right mattress. Avoid using fluffy or loose mattresses. This would also bring the aforementioned suffocation risk. Instead, it would be advisable to stick with a mattress that is firm and properly fitted for the size of the crib.

Pay attention to recall information. Delta cribs were recently recalled due to a number of safety issues. Keeping your eyes open for any news about recalls will avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

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Look at the condition of the posts. The posts are the main item that keeps the crib from collapsing. Needless to say, it would be most prudent to examine the posts so as to make sure the crib does not collapse unexpectedly.

Follow any manufacturer's safety suggestions. The assembly instructions for most cribs will come with detailed information on how to make sure safety standards are met. That is why it is necessary to never disregard any instructions provided.

Of course, these are only a small fraction of the many tips that can be provided to make sure a crib is safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides a great many tips on their website. Really, there is no limit to the precautions one can take. So, never assume the list of safety tips is ever finite.

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