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The CPSC and Crib Safety

Defective Crib Accidents

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is an agency that lives up to its name. It seeks to protect the consumers in the marketplace from any serious problems. These problems may result from defective products or any other product that comes with an unreasonable risk of harm. Of course, the sheer number of products that the CPSC provides clear oversight over is vast. (The actual number of products is roughly around 15,000) Recently, the CSPC has invested significant research into improving safety associated with cribs.

This is no minor issue. A critical aspect centers on the fact that a baby will be unable to protect him or herself from harm. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the manufacturer of a crib must go the proverbial extra mile to make sure they do not present an unnecessary safety risk. Since this is not always possible on the manufacturer's part (oversights and mix-ups do happen), it becomes important that a watchdog agency take action to maintain the public safety. Again, this is where the CPSC comes into play. It provides the much needed safety buffer that the manufacturer might not provide.

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Some actions undertaken by the CPSC are swift and sweeping. There have been no less than five recalls enacted to remove unsafe cribs from store shelves. These recalls were not issued flippantly. They were enacted after clear and present danger was obvious. However, the proof of such problems often comes in the form of an injured child. In order to avoid this from ever occurring in the first place, the CPSC has enacted a preventive maintenance program. The program has been dubbed the CPSC Early Warning System in fall of 2007. It is this warning system points out a number of obvious problems that consumers can become immediately aware of. Such warnings include notifications that "hardware was broken, missing, or [otherwise] failed to function."

Then, the website of the CPSC also provides a great deal of helpful tips that can greatly reduce any potential safety hazards that a crib might possess. These tips include the following: examining cribs for damaged or missing pieces; occasional inspections on the sturdiness of the crib is helpful; make sure moving parts are always aligned properly; do not even attempt to repair the crib if you are not sure how to do so properly; and hiding the broken side against the wall will serve no purpose.

Of course, there are many other aspects one can examine to make sure a crib remains safe. However, these are among the main aspects that the CPSC points out as being among the most important. No one should feel limited to CPSC recommendations as they are not the complete totality of what must be taken into consideration when purchasing a crib.

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Regardless, the CPSC remains a helpful resource for those who wish to make sure their crib remains safe. Actually, if the crib remains safe so does the crib's occupant. In that regard, the benefit the CPSC provides is almost incalculable.

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