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There are certain aspects of consumer safety we may not be willing to examine. One reason for this is that the subject matter may prove too grim to delve into. Under certain circumstances, this is understandable. No one wishes to explore darker aspects of health and safety. However, when exploring these aspects, there exists the potential to develop a clear insight into how to avoid such a problem. Such is the case with infant deaths from cribs. Yes, there are unfortunate instances where infants had died due to neglect associated with the manufacturing of cribs. Since the end result of such neglect is the death of an infant, it becomes necessary to explore what these hazards specifically are and how to avoid them.

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Fall hazards – There are a host of fall hazards associated with poorly designed, constructed, or assembled cribs. Some cribs, by their very design, possess a greater fall hazards. A drop side crib is a design that is notorious for its fall hazards. If the drop side disengages unexpectedly, the child can end up falling out of the crib. This could lead to significant injuries when the child's body impacts with the floor. Sadly, a fall hazard is not the only hazard associated with these types of cribs. Entrapment hazards are common as well.

Entrapment hazards – A child's fingers can get caught (entrapped) in a drop sided cribbed. This is an extremely dangerous situation as it can potentially severe the child's fingers. This will clearly necessitate rushing the child to the hospital. If the child does not reach the emergency room immediately, the child could die of rapid blood loss. Some may assume that such accidents are not commonplace. Actually, it is estimated roughly 20,000+ children are rushed to emergency rooms every year due to entrapment related accidents. Clearly, that is cause for extreme alarm.

Suffocation hazards – Quite possible one of the grimmest hazards associated with cribs is the potential for suffocation. Cribs that come with a mesh are probably the most commonly associated with this type of hazard. As such, avoiding any cribs that come with detachable meshes would be well advised.

Other hazards – There are other less common but equally dangerous hazards associated with cribs. Poison hazards, for example, can occur when a crib is coated with lead paint. (This poison can be ingested if the child swallows chipped paint from the crib) Then, there are choking hazards that may rear their head when components of the crib can be detached. Really, there is no end to the potential hazards cribs come with. That is why consumer vigilance is necessary prior to purchasing a crib. However, there are other hazards that may not have anything to do with the manufacturing of the crib. For example, improper maintenance of a crib can cause a host of problems. That is why repair work should always be left to the experts.

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As much as we would prefer not to admit it, there are many safety hazards associated with cribs. That is why consumers must be aware of these problems so they do not become victims of them.

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