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Crib Designs and Safety Concerns

Defective Crib Accidents

There are many different types of cribs available on the consumer marketplace. This should come as no surprise as there are many different consumers in the market and each has their own specific needs.

For example, someone who lives in a small NYC studio apartment will require a different size crib as opposed to someone who lives in a spacious Malibu home. Of course, these examples are provided solely for illustration. You could live anywhere and reside in any type of living quarters. However, the environment in which you live will often dictate what type of crib you purchase.

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Hardwood cribs – As the name would imply, this is a type of crib that is made of various different types of wood. Specifically, the wood used is durable and long lasting.

Convertible Cribs – These are cribs that can "convert" into other baby furniture. That is, a crib can convert into a toddler bed, love seat, child size bed, etc. This way, there is no need to perpetually purchase new furniture as the child grows.

Loft Cribs – These are cribs that are amazingly crafted in design and are devised in such a way that they are slightly elevated from the ground.

Custom Cribs – As the name would imply, these are cribs that are custom crafted for quality in look, appearance, and safety. Obviously, these particular types of cribs can be expensive since they are made to order. However, their value often overrides this concern.

Now, while the design of the various cribs on the market is varied, in order for any crib to be worthwhile it must embody a number of safety concerns. After all, if the cribs are not designed in a safe manner they can pose a great risk to the baby. That is why it is important a crib possesses the following safety attributes:

Sturdiness – The crib must not be prone to tipping over. That means the design must not embody narrow legs or any other unsound aspects. This will ensure that the crib is not knocked over easily.

Does not collapse or fall apart easily – If a crib is prone to collapsing or falling apart it will prove to be life threatening to the baby. In addition to the obvious damage that the impact could cause, there is also the potential for suffocating under the debris of the crib. This is why it is critical not to purchase a brand that is known for this defect.

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Splinters and chipped paint pose a safety hazard – This is an aspect of crib safety that is often overlooked. Yet, the dangers posed here are enormous as a child can swallow splinters or chipped paint. This can cause a number of internal injuries as well as poisoning. As such, close inspections of cribs for such defects is mandatory.

There are many more different types of cribs on the market and there are many more safety issues one should be concerned with. Ultimately, if one educates oneself about these issues the potential to avoid mishaps is increased.

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