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Filing Adderall lawsuits: Hiring a lawyer

What are the grounds for an Adderall lawsuit? Do you need a lawyer?

If you or your child has developed Adderall heart damage, had a stroke or heart attack due to taking prescription Adderall or there has been a sudden unexplained death (SUD) Ė you may want to retain a lawyer and file an Adderall lawsuit. As with all cases of negligence and product liability, you can consult a lawyer regarding filing an Adderall lawsuit, in order to obtain compensation.

What law firms and lawyers handle Adderall lawsuits?
Monheit Law is devoted to Adderall lawsuit cases. Our services are on a contingency basis which means if you donít win your Adderall lawsuit, you donít pay for our services. Monheit Law offers services based on a no-win, no-fee basis. The likelihood of a successful Adderall lawsuit varies based on the facts of each case. The circumstances of each personís use of Adderall will vary and will affect the outcome of any Adderall lawsuit. There are also local issues, involving specific State laws, which may alter the handling of each Adderall lawsuit.

Who are the Adderall lawsuits filed against?
Grounds for Adderall lawsuit legal proceedings lie almost solely with Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc. This is most likely where the Adderall lawsuit would be directed.

Do I have an Adderall lawsuit case?
Do you have a lawsuit case against the manufacturer of Adderall? Please complete our no obligation, free inquiry form. Experts and Adderall lawyers are standing by to assist you with your Adderall lawsuit.



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