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When Did Actos Come Off the Market?

In the United States, Actos did not come off the market. Actos is still for sale and the makers of Actos are still selling millions of prescriptions. It’s mega-business as usual for the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.

actosAccording to a New York Times blog written in 2010: “Last year, Avandia had $521 million in sales in the United States, compared to market leader Actos with $3.4 billion, according to data provided Monday by the industry tracking firm IMS Health.

Five years ago, they were nearly even in sales, with $1.8 billion for Avandia, made by British-based GlaxoSmithKline, and $2.1 billion for Actos, from the Japanese drug maker Takeda Pharmaceutical. Avandia loses patent protection in 2012, Actos in 2011.

Recent studies have indicated Actos is safer than Avandia, which has been linked to heart problems.”

The blog post was written prior to the June 2011 FDA warning and August 2011 label update regarding Actos may possibly cause bladder cancer in patients who have been taking the type 2 diabetes drug for more than a year.

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Actos did come off the market in France and Actos is no longer being prescribed to new type 2 diabetes patients in Germany. But as far as the United States – Actos is still for sale. Corporate pharmaceutical greed trumps consumer safety.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with bladder cancer after being prescribed Actos for more than a year – you may have legal options regarding an Actos lawsuit. Please contact Monheit Law to get some answers.

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