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... File an Accutane lawsuit.

If you or a member of your family has been injured by Accutane, you may have sufficient grounds to file a lawsuit against Hoffmann-LaRoche. Accutane injuries would include, but are not limited to, severe birth defects, psychiatric problems, suicide, or other known Accutane side effects.

Hoffman-LaRoche needs to be held accountable for Accutane injuries. Accutane birth defects last a lifetime. A child born with Accutane related birth defects may require special medical attention for the rest of his or her life. Such a child would also require special educational services. Medical and educational costs to the families of children with special needs are astronomical. In addition to their child's disabilities, many of these families experience severe financial hardship.

If you believe you may have an Accutane lasuite against the manufacturers of Accutane, you should contact an experienced Accutane lawyer who can help you receive due compensation.

Accutane is related to Vitamin A. Is widely used in the treatment of severe nodular acne, primarily in adolescents. For additional information, please see:


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