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  • We believe that all clients need to be treated with respect.

  • We believe in the importance of communication.

  • We believe in the confidentiality of client information.

  • We believe that we are here to serve our clients.

  • We believe in trust.

  • We believe that the client is more important than the attorney

  • We believe in client-attorney teamwork.


We have always been committed to using the most advanced technology available to serve our clients. However, we have insisted on striking the balance between technology and personal contact.


Our computer system allows us to be better communicators with clients about the status of each case. It allows us to offer prompt written communication. It provides for historical information on insurance company and adjuster behavior and patterns.


We are able to utilize e-mail for communications. We are able to implement litigation support throughout the computer system. However, we never let computers do the thinking for us. We only use the computers when it improves the services we can offer to you.



We return calls. We encourage client-attorney meetings. It is our office policy to return every client call, the first time, and within the same business day that the call is received. If for any reason you have difficulty in reaching one of our attorneys, we encourage you to immediately schedule an appointment and come to the office.


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