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The Dire Problem of Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis

It can be said that a little ignorance goes a long way. Unfortunately, ignorance can go a long way towards causing harm. This is most evident in the world of medicine where ignorance can have a number of dreadful consequences. Now, it is important to point out that ignorance is defined not as possessing low intelligence but rather by the true definition of the word. That is, ignorance refers to simply not knowing. Again, when one is unfamiliar or unknowing about a particular medical condition than the results can be catastrophic. Such is the case with a very serious skin condition known as Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis.

The reason this condition is serious is because it is extremely life threatening. This is because it is not merely a skin condition but also one that affects the internal organs. In particular, the lung and the intestines can be negatively affected by the onset of this condition. Like the more benign forms of the condition, it first appears as a progressively worsening skin ailment. (An in-depth University of Michigan study points out that the severity of the diffuse form of the condition is noticeable by its rapid spreading capabilities) This ailment comes in the form of a tightening of the skin that can create an unsightly appearance. In addition to these rather obvious symptoms, the disorder spreads to the internal organs. This is where it can be significant harm. Worst of all, it can spread quickly and rapidly turn into a very grave condition within a very short period of time.

That is why is important to have this condition diagnosed as soon as possible. However, since most people are completely ignorant of this particular disorder they may not seek medical attention when the skin lesions first appear. This could prove to be a drastic mistake as the problem is also spreading internally as well.

Thankfully, there are ways to treat this particular condition. As points out, the drug Abatacept has been known to provide an effective remedy. Of course, the effectiveness of the treatment will only be as successful in relation to the advancement of the condition. Again, that is why it is critical to seek proper medical attention when any type of skin tightening or discoloration first makes itself known. To delay treatment is to delay a remedy and when one's life is potentially threatened such delays would be incredibly dangerous.


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