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Have you been diagnosed with NSF (nephrogenic systemic fibrosis) or NFD (nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy)?
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When and where was the diagnosis made?
When did your problems start?
Describe your symptoms and how they developed.
Did you have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) scan done before your symptoms began?
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Where and when was the scan (or were the scans if more than one) done?
Did you have kidney failure, kidney function deficiency, or other kidney problems at the time the scan (or scans) were done?
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Describe the kidney problems you had.

gadolinium NSF lawyer

Do you have an MRI gadolinium lawsuit?

You might if you have kidney disease or if you were on dialysis and received a gadolinium injection in connection with MRI and MRA scans.

You could retain a gadolinium lawyer if you’ve been diagnosed with Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) where your skin swelled to resemble hard tight wood, if you now are unable to walk and have deep bone pain.

Gadolinium is poisonous. In a person with normally functioning kidneys, gadolinium is eliminated from the body in less than two hours. However, in people with kidney problems, it might take up to 36 hours to eliminate gadolinium.

Should there be a gadolinium recall?

In June 2006, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out an advisory that gadolinium injections cause NSF. Did the FDA do enough to alert MRI laboratories and the healthcare industry about the dangers of gadolinium for kidney disease patients? Is there a gadolinium class action lawsuit in your future?

Skin lesions between ankles and thighs are common followed by the wrist and upper arms. Hand and foot swelling with blister-like lesions has been reported. Some patients have reported yellow bumps or plaques on or near the eyes. Rapid or new onset fluctuating hypertension happens prior to the onset of the skin lesions.

Currently there are at least 200 cases of NSF in the United States but that number continues to grow. Because NSF is a rare, relatively recent diagnosis, the history of the disease is not well understood. Some patients report a gradual improvement in mobility and slight softening of the skin over time. Complete spontaneous healing in a patient with ongoing kidney disease has not been reported.

The companies that make gadolinium injections have known for years that it is toxic and poses severe risks if it loses the chemical coating used to keep it from contacting human tissue. This coating can be lost when gadolinium stays in the body too long; this is what happens to people whose kidneys are not working properly.

If you are a victim of gadolinium poisoning, you may be eligible for a gadolinium lawsuit. Please contact a gadolinium MRI lawyer about a potential gadolinium class action or individual gadolinium MRI lawsuits.

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