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Osteoporosis, hip and bone fractures, bone density.
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Is it safe? What are Depo-Provera side effects? Do you have osteoporosis, low bone density, infertility?


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Hip fractures, osteo-related problems, breast cancer, yellowing of the skin


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Patient safety is a public health risk from insufficient warning labels


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What are Depo-Provera side effects? Is osteoporosis an old woman's disease? Should I contact the Depo-Provera manufacturer about my symptoms?


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What are the health risks? Osteoporosis from DepoProvera. Experts and lawyers can help you pursue your lawsuit today.

Osteoporosis risk and DepoProvera
In a July 6, 1991 issue of the British Medical Journal, a study found that the bone density of 30 women who had been using DepoProvera for at least five years was less than the bone density of other women of similar ages.

If the British medical community knew that in 1991, why was that not taken into consideration in 1992 when the FDA approved DepoProvera for sale? And why did it take the U.S. regulated FDA to get Pfizer until 2004 to issue a warning label to Depo-Provera?

Previously, the FDA felt that a woman considering DepoProvera needed to discuss the possibility of bone thinning with her doctor and the risk of osteoporosis is just part of the equation. However, the FDA did eventually require Upjohn (a division of Pfizer Inc.) to conduct additional research on the effects of DepoProvera on bone density.

The problem is that while other countries' medical communities had concerns and were conducting studies, the FDA felt DepoProvera risks was just part of the equation.

In addition to osteoporosis from DepoProvera, is there a DepoProvera cancer risk? Learn more, here!

If the FDA doesn't have your best interest at heart, who does? ... certainly not the "big business" pharmaceutical companies...

Are you facing an osteoporosis DepoProvera health risk?

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