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What is the "Depo Provera" shot

Is it safe? What are "Depo Provera" shot side effects? Do you have osteoporosis, low bone density, infertility?


What is the problem that "Depo Provera" shot lawyers may help you pursue?

Hip fractures, osteo-related problems, and other "Depo Provera" horror stories


Who should your "Depo Provera" shot lawyer hold responsible for osteoporosis, lack of bone mass density (BMD)?

Patient safety is a public health risk from insufficient warning labels


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What are "Depo Provera" shot side effects? Is osteoporosis an old woman's disease? Should I contact the "Depo Provera" shot manufacturer about my Depo provera horror story?


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Depo Provera Shot: Breaking news, Depo Provera Horror stories and Osteoporosis Symptoms information

November 18, 2004

Pfizer letter to health care professionals changing the warning label

Depo Provera Shot: Resources on the Web

Depo Provera and Bone Mineral Density

Women’s health advocates have raised concerns about osteoporosis symptoms and a lack of safety of Depo-Provera for decades.

"Depo Provera" shot may raise the risks of STDs

Researchers say the study wasn't able to determine how use of Depo Provera might increase the risk of infection with a STD. But they say it's possible that the injectable contraceptive may decrease estrogen levels and lead to an increased susceptibility to vaginal and cervical infections.

Depo Provera Horror Stories

Women share their devasting Depo Provera stories and the horror of osteoporosis symptoms they suffered after taking the depo provera shot.

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Fighting osteoporosis and promoting bone health; includes news, resources for patients and professionals, and information on advocacy and prevention.


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